Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Printable First Day of School Sign

Guess what time it is.....  BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!

School starts in mid-August around here, so we're just days away from our first day!  I've been using the same 1st Day/Last Day sign for Mya for kindergarten and first grade and I'll use it for second grade this year too just to keep it consistent.  But here is one I made to share!  Click HERE or on the first image below!

Write in the grade, date, etc. Have child hold the sign for a photo each year in the same spot! (We moved between Mya's K and 1st grade year, so our spot was different but the sign was the same)

Happy Kids clipart purchased from LocklessCreations
School clipart purchased from DigitalBakeShop
created by
Jamie My Fashionable Designs
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