Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Free Printable: Vintage USA Flag Labels

Hi everyone!!  I'm back into the swing of things after a fabulous vacation to Mexico!!!  I am getting ready to pull out all of my 4th of July decorations, and it reminded me of some labels I have to share!! They are formatted for Avery 8164 shipping labels but could be printed on regular paper as well! Enjoy! -->PDF HERE -->Individual Labels HERE

Vintage USA clipart purchased from TheCraftyClip
Labels designed by Jamie/fashionablemoms.blogspot.com for your personal use only.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Not So Fashionable Mom

Just a quick story to share about my frustration of finding a SECURITY TAG on the one dress I was most excited to wear on our vacation...

I had planned each and every outfit for our vacation down to the shoes and jewelry of course. Tonight I was so excited to wear this adorable dress and then I discover this...
Noooooo!!!!! And I had even told the cashier at Kohl's to check for those!!!! I knew many of the clothes I purchased would be going straight into my suitcase when I got home.

Jim thinks I should wear it anyway since it it underneath the bottom layer of the dress, but I'm worried I will set off some alarm:)!!!! My plan now is to just return it when I get back home:( Big bummer!!!!

UPDATE: I was determined to get that thing off!!!  First, I went to the hotel gift shop to see if they had any security tags on their items, which would mean they'd also have a way to remove them.  Nope!  So then second, of course I googled it.  I tried the rubber band technique because I had a bunch of hair elastics with me. One elastic was all it took to loosen the screw significantly, and I was pretty certain there was no ink inside it, so I wasn't stressing about pulling it apart with all my might (which sadly wasn't enough might).  All of my tugging put a tiny little hole in the dress, which is okay because it's on the inside layer that gets covered up anyway.  I was able to gently stretch that little hole around the security tag and get it off!  It's close to the seam, so I can stitch it up if I later decide I need to, but it doesn't show, and I'll probably never get around to it!! Problem solved!!!

Here it is...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greetings from Mexico!!!

Hi friends!!! Just letting you know that I'm vacationing in Mexico this week so I will respond to your comments and emails beginning Monday the 29th!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Printable: Floral Labels

Happy Friday!!!  Our family has been busy visiting grandparents, enjoying cookouts, and packing for our vacation to Mexico! On top of that, I'm trying to keep up with the abundance of Etsy orders, household chores, and of course being a MOM!!! I know you can relate!

I wanted to share some new labels that I created!  I'm usually not into floral designs in general, but I saw these beautiful backgrounds for sale in an Etsy shop and I couldn't resist! These labels are sized for Avery 8164 mailing labels, but could also be printed on plain paper. Use for organizing, crafts, mailing labels, etc. Enjoy!

Backgrounds by AMBIllustrations on Etsy.
Frame by Coloryourway on Etsy.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Free Printable: Animal Print Labels!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far!  My list of projects around the house seems to be never-ending and I have to admit that I'm not checking off many boxes these days!!!  Yikes! I was thinking that if I share some of my list with you in the upcoming weeks, I'll be more motivated to actually finish them!!  My first project of the week is to tackle our home office, which has become a dumping ground for every paper, project, bill, craft, and misc. clutter that exists in our home!!

As I was wandering around the office, trying to decide on label categories and organizational systems, I was sidetracked by my scattered brain to create these leopard and zebra print labels for you! They are formatted for Avery 8164 shipping labels, but you could also just print on regular paper.  ZEBRA HERE   LEOPARD HERE Enjoy!!

Label frames purchased from coloryourway on Etsy
Label backgrounds purchased from DigitalMagicShop on Etsy
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Monday, June 1, 2015

Painting for Beginners!!!

My little girl celebrated her 8th birthday on Memorial Day!!  I can't believe it's been 8 years since I gave birth to her and now she has finished 2nd grade already!  We'd been having her birthday party at a park the last few years so we could: 1. Basically invite an unlimited number of people, 2. We wouldn't have to get our house ready and 3. We wouldn't have to clean up afterwards! But this year, she wanted.....a SLEEPOVER!!!

So that's what she had.  I told her she couldn't invite every single friend, and that we would keep things simple.  She narrowed it down to just a few friends and we had a very talented teenager come and teach the girls how to make a painting!!! (Then the girls moved on to cake, presents, watching a movie, playing Sleepover BINGO, and I think by 3:00AM most of them were asleep!!!!).

OK, now back to the whole painting lesson!!

I had never been to one of those painting classes that you see on Groupon all the time, so I had no idea how this worked.  But my friend, whose daughter was teaching us, knew the whole deal.  Here are the supplies we needed based on my daughter's choice of this (advanced level) painting from Pinterest (yikes!):

2 - 2 oz. containers of acrylic paint in each of the colors of green, purple, and white
1 - 8 oz. container of acrylic paint in each of the colors of blue, read, and yellow
1 large paint brush and 1 small paint brush per girl
Baby Wipes
Paper Towels
Cup of water for each girl
Paper plate for each girl
Canvas for each girl
Paint smocks or old shirts for each girl

She simplified the painting for 8 year-olds and did step-by-step instructions for the girls!

This was the lovely almost-finished product of our artist (who happens to be only 13, can you believe it?!!):

It was so fun to see the girls' different paintings!!! 

I made the painting placemats for the girls using some gift wrap, zebra cards, plain white paper, a name label, and my laminator:

Oh gosh, I can't believe I'm posting these pics, but I got very inspired during and after the party to paint my own paintings!!! I am a very new beginner to painting!! But I'm loving it!!!!

Here is the one I did during the party:

And I made a cupcake based on a similar one I found online:

And then I got inspired to paint a tree for our family room....

I can't wait to go buy some more canvases!!!!  Who knew painting could be so relaxing and fun?!!!  I think in my older age, I'm not so worried about making mistakes, so I just go with it!

The party was a success!

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