Friday, January 29, 2016

My Home Cafe is done!!!!!

It's definitely not Pinterest-worthy or anything fancy-schmancy.....but my little cafe is done!!!   It's in our dining room (which currently still does not have a dining room table and needs a new chandelier and some fresh paint!!).  Most everything is stuff I already had or purchased from Goodwill. Some of the wall hangings I made myself.  I may update these photos soon because the dreary weather did not make for good lighting today!!!

I painted this COFFEE sign at a home painting party in December.  The little shelf is from Goodwill.

I have a section for Tea and Hot Chocolate too: 

There is a seat waiting for you if you're in the Columbus area and want to stop by! ;) ;) ;)

Of course I had to have a place for my popcorn machine!!!! 

Well, there you go!  Maybe I'll consider installing a drive-thru window this summer!!!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Printable Planner Set - Gold, Pink and Teal - Half Page

I hope everyone who was affected by the big blizzard is digging out and getting back to normal!! We didn't get anything here in Central Ohio (boo, I love snow!!!)!

Here is a new half-page planner set that I recently designed and wanted to share!  The theme is gold, fuchsia, and teal and includes: Cover Page, Monthly Pages, Week at a Glance, 2017 Calendar, Lined Page, Notes & Ideas, and Blank Page.  Enjoy!  ***Updated for 2017***

Backgrounds by
Designed by Jamie/ for your personal use.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some new additions to my shop!!

Hi everyone!!  I wanted to share some recent additions to my Etsy shop!  Don't forget to follow my shop's INSTAGRAM for coupon codes and special offers!

Use code BLOGGER for $2.00 off!

Use code BLOGGER for $2.00 off!

No, I'm NOT pregnant (LOL!!!), but I do have a new nephew arriving in June, so I was inspired to create this Pregnancy Journal!  I wish I had documented all the details of my pregnancies in something like this!  Use code BLOGGER for $2.00 off!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Free Printable: Fit Tracker

Spring Break is only a couple months away....yikes!!!!  The thought of putting on a bathing suit right now makes me sick to my stomach!!  My kiddos got me a FitBit Flex for Mother's Day last year, and I've had that thing on every single day since.  But, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I really started looking at the app multiple times a day to see my stats and try to hit my goals. Probably because I had 5 pounds to lose from all my holiday over-eating...hehehe!!!  Here's a printable tracker that I created to start logging my steps, miles, etc. on paper. The FitBit App is great, but I think it's fun to write out my stats and keep them in my planner.

This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. 

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Inside My Home: Disastrous Messy Room - Before & After

It's always a goal of mine to keep up on all the clutter and messes in our home and have a lovely, clean, spotless house all the time....but COME ON....that's not even possible!!!  (Please share your secret if your home does stay clutter-free, clean, and tidy all the time--maybe I'm missing something!)

What better way to feel good about your mess and/or clutter than for me to show you mine from the holidays?!!!

I've told you before that I have to really work at tidiness.  I tend to be a little messy and scattered with piles of stuff for Girl Scouts, my Mary Kay business, Sunday School, the kids and their schoolwork and art projects, etc.  Then there's the whole digital aspect of organization with emails, my Etsy business, and my blog. You know what I mean and I know you can relate!

So here is our home office during Christmas.  We used this room to pile up all the Amazon orders, other gifts, wrapping paper, the crafts I was working on....the "stuff." It was so messy that the kids would go in there to use the computer and not even notice some of their presents were in there unwrapped!!  I'm not joking!!

So I spent a few hours on two different days tackling that room.  One day was just sorting through the empty boxes and deciding what was trash & recycle so I could get it to the curb for trash day.  I organized all the wrapping supplies and ribbon and gift bags and boxes.  The rest of it (mostly my daughter's desk) took me a couple hours yesterday.  We had piles of papers and trinkets and coloring books.....mostly stuff that didn't belong in that room!!!  

Whew! I'm glad that's done.....we can enjoy a nice clean office for probably three days or so until it's a disaster again!!!!

And just for fun, here is our living room after the kids opened their gifts;)  Gotta love Christmas!!!!

Many people made resolutions to de-clutter and be more organized in 2016......for me, it's baby steps.  
Office - check.  Now all that's left is the basement, family room, laundry room, dining room, kitchen, kids' rooms---yeah, you get the picture!! 
Happy New Year!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Free Printable: Burlap-Style Valentine Banner and Sign

Well, all my Christmas decorations are down....I'm so sad!!!!!  I have a few Valentine things I like to set out right after Christmas.  Mostly just artwork the kids have made in school over the years, a couple printables, and a banner.  Here is a new one that I recently designed that I'm sharing with you!!! Enjoy!  BANNER HERE   HEART SIGN HERE

Mockup background & frame by 

In order to keep these printables FREE, I do not offer edits or customization. However, please visit my Etsy shop for customization inquiries and quotes!

For your personal use only. Professional printing allowed.

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