All my free downloadable files are linked to Google Drive so that you can download them yourself!

1. Click on the image or link that I have provided in the blog post. You will be directed to Google Drive. *****PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to send me an approval request to download the files! Simply DOWNLOAD THE FILE as described below, then upload it to Word.  In order to keep these documents free, I am unable to approve any access requests. I am also unable to grant editing access, as this would affect the original file.*****

2.  Hover over the arrow with the line under it, which is at the top of the screen.  Click on it to download the file. Your file will be saved to the location where your computer saves its downloaded files. To print, hover over the Print icon and click to print.


If you have tried the preceding steps and are still unable to download or print the documents, feel free to contact me and request that I email you the files directly.  Tell me the specific file(s) you want and title of blog post and if you're getting any error messages or if you're just having trouble downloading/printing.  I am not able to send clipart or photoshop files due to copyrights. Allow 3-5 days for my response. I completely understand the frustration that sometimes comes with technology and I know it can be annoying when something doesn't work like we expect! :-)

If you have emailed me and not heard back within a week, just try's possible your email got sent into my spam folder by mistake!!!!

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