Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on French Manicure

After using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen several times for french tip manicures, I wanted to write some tips (no pun intended!) for preparation & application.

1.  Make sure your nails are very smooth, and buffed down, especially at the tips.  If they are not, then the nail art pen will pick up any little flaw, crack, or peel that you have.
2.  Use a clear base coat before applying the nail art pen.  The directions on the pen say to do this, but to save time, I tried to apply it directly to my nails.  Then when I went to apply the natural nail color over top, the white tip smeared, or chipped off at the end.
3.  Rotate your finger, instead of the pen, to get a nice even edge when applying. 
4.  Apply at least two coats of the white nail art pen, then two coats of the natural color, and a quick-dry top coat like Out the Door.
5.  Practice!!  You will get faster and more accurate each time you do the french-tip manicure.  I used to give myself french manicures almost every week, so I got very fast and good at it.  But, it has been several months since I've done one, so I can tell that I need some practice (especially with my opposite hand)! 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5-Minute French Manicure!

As much as I love the low maintenance of artificial nails, my nails needed a breather!  So, I found a great product:  The white Nail Art Pen by Sally Hansen, $5.99-$7.99 at Drugstores or Target.  It's basically a fine point pen.  You just draw on the tip of your nail, allow to dry, then apply a coat of clear or sheer polish (my fave is Sally Hansen's Bamboo Shoot).  It's sooo easy, and speedy for us busy moms!'s GREAT to use on kids' nails to draw flowers, art, etc....or even a kids' french mani!!