Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Break!

With my trip to Florida only a couple weeks away, my fashion/beauty to-do list is growing longer and longer! 

I have to buy my daughter new spring/summer clothes, since she has outgrown all of hers from last year (thank goodness for Once Upon a Child), shop for a bathing suit (ugh!!!), work on my sunless tan.....and try to keep up on this workout that I dread more and more each day (otherwise, I will have to add a cover-up and one-piece bathing suit to my list)!!! 

I think I will save the pedi/mani for when I'm actually in Florida, since they are so much cheaper down there.  Not to mention, it is still SNOWING here, so it makes walking out of the salon in flip-flops a little difficult!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashionable Mom of the Week!

Mom of the Week
I was unable to find a purple ruffle blouse like Kelly's, so I have shown a similar blue one from Nordstrom.
Mom of the Week by JamieR featuring Halogen tops

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats

If you have been snowed-in the last few days like me, you are probably looking for some new, fun activities to do with the kids!  Click HERE for some cute ideas for adorable Valentine's Day treats!

What will I be giving my husband for V-Day this year?  Well, we have a babysitter coming over so we can enjoy a nice dinner out, then we will head to the mall to pick out gifts for ourselves!  I prefer a new outfit over flowers, so I'll probably hit the clearance racks for sweaters, jeans and other winter items I hope I won't need for much longer! 
I do have a little gift for him from our daughter...a red-framed photo of us for his office.