Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Best-Ever Anniversary Present: Kenny Chesney Concert!

Hi everyone!!!! I hope you all had a fabulous and fun-filled holiday weekend!!!  I have so much to share with you, including some highlights & ideas from my daughter's "Amazing Race" birthday party (separate post) and my amazing anniversary gift from my husband....front row to Kenny Chesney!!!

Any other country music fans out there?  You will especially appreciate these photos!  When Jim told me about a month ago that he decided to splurge and get the PIT passes to Kenny Chesney for our 13th anniversary, I didn't realize we would be touching the stage (and Kenny, for that matter!!!)!

We went to a pre-show party and then had early entry into the concert and were basically able to choose wherever we wanted to stand in the pit area by the stage!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! I kept saying "pinch me", "pinch me!!!"   I've been a fan of Kenny's since the late 90's, and I've been to many of his concerts, but never have I been anywhere close to the front row!!!

Old Dominion kicked off the night....they were amazing!!!! So entertaining! These guys have fun, energetic personalities and were always smiling and interacting with the fans!

And then came Kenny!!! Had to get a selfie with him, of course;)

OMG he was standing right above me!!!!!

What a night!!!!! I can't believe some of the pictures I got.  These are just a few of the 100+ I took!  I have to say it was worth every penny and we'd do it again in a heartbeat....maybe even another one of his shows this summer....wishful thinking, I know;)!!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Easy Teacher Gift Idea!

I wanted to share a gift idea that I use for my kids' teachers.  I have been giving gift cards for Christmas and the end of year for the last few years now because it's so easy and then the teacher can buy what she wants!!  Yes, it's fine to just use a card with an envelope and put the gift card inside....but of course I need something personalized!!!!

To create your own personalized card, just download this Word file, insert the name, print and cut.  Fold like a greeting card and have your child write a message to the teacher.  Insert a gift card.  Tie a ribbon around the card and voila......three minutes to a cute, easy gift!!!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Last Day of School Craft Idea

Hi everyone!!! I haven't posted in weeks, I know!!!  Today was the last day of school for our district!! (Some of you are probably thinking WHAT???? ALREADY??!!! We started August 12th, so that will help explain it!)  May has become the craziest month for us, next to December.  We have school getting out, class parties, field day, field trips, dance rehearsals, dance recitals, our anniversary, Mya's birthday, Memorial Day.......aaaahhhh!!!!

I volunteered to do the craft for Mya's 3rd grade last-day party and I thought it would be nice to do something for the teacher instead of the kids taking home a craft.  So, after brainstorming with my Mom, the retired teacher, we came up with this HYSTERICAL idea!!!

(File will open in Google Drive.  Click File, Download to save to your computer then open in Word.  Do not ask for editing access, as this is not necessary and would compromise my original file.)

Another teacher sent me a picture of Mrs. K., then I used Photoshop to "cartoonify" it, although a regular picture would be fine too.  The kids added hair, tiaras, clothing, speech bubbles, etc.  It was absolutely hysterical!!!!  Mrs. K. has a wonderful sense of humor, so we didn't have to worry about what the kids drew or wrote (that might not be the case for some teachers!). I had a binder ready with sheet protectors for all the pictures.

Here were some of the final pictures (LOL!!!!!):

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hello my friends!  I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day!  Take some time to relax, enjoy your family, and take a break from all the laundry, cleaning and craziness this weekend!  Being a Mom is not an easy job!  This past year, I have shed many tears related to issues with my kids, and it probably won't get any easier as they get older.  But it's helped me remember that kids are kids.  They don't have the mature minds of adults, they're not perfect, and they are unique and precious in their own way.  Celebrate this weekend...Happy Mother's Day!!!! (free printable here;))

Here I am with my Mom and sis:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Free Printable: Teacher Appreciation Card Kit!

Hi everyone!!! Since we're in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to share another card kit with you!!!  For full step-by-step instructions, please see HERE.  This card would go great with the customized notebook idea;) Enjoy!

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