Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mom-Appropriate Tops...

I used to be so embarrassed to go into "teen" clothing stores like Forever 21 with a fear that I would look like I dress too young for my age (since I'm 33!!).  But I heard a celebrity recently say that you should dress your body type, not your age.  So, with that, I did some shopping to find these great "mom-appropriate" tops!  The short shorts that the models are wearing scream "teenager" to me, and are not my style, so I would wear them with jeans of course.  You can't beat these prices!! 
Forever21 top

Forever21 wrap cardigan
$15 -

Forever21 chiffon top
$23 -

$28 -

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I LOVE Pepperoni Pizza!!

I loooooove Pepperoni Pizza!!!!  But I hate the calories that usually come with getting one delivered!  So, I came up with my own little secret way to cut major calories.

First, order the thinnest pizza you can order (Dominos is cracker thin), since regular or pan crusts are packed with added calories.

Second, order it with CHEESE ONLY.

Third, when it arrives to your doorstep hot and delicious, heat up some of your own Turkey Pepperoni (which has about half the calories as regular pep) in the microwave and put it on the pizza. (TIP: only heat it for about 10 sec, as it will burn easily.)

Sometimes I order the pizza with one or more veggies instead of just cheese, then put my own pep on top.  

I am loving...

1. Coffee w/chocolate milk- I've never really liked coffee, but thanks to Tim Horton's Cafe Mochas, I'm now addicted to half coffee/half chocolate milk!
2. My new popcorn maker -Jim bought me a popcorn maker for Valentine's Day, so I'm already expecting to gain a few pounds by eating it daily!  If I would only be so consistent with my workouts...!!
3. Not being pregnant!  This time last year, I was suffering from nausea and packing on the pounds! I swear that I'm flatter now than when I was the chest!!  Gosh, I miss the extra enhancement!
4. The warm weather we've had!
5. Sleeping through the night, kind of!! Mason has been sleeping 9PM-5AM!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweat Pants

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a terrible stomach ache.  I blamed it on the two chocolate lava cupcakes I ate for Valentine's Day, but it could have been some virus.  After Tums, Pepto, Tylenol and a heating pad, I felt well enough to fall back to sleep!  So today I'm not feeling my best, and I'm even considering a wardrobe piece that I normally would NEVER, EVER wear out in public...sweat pants!!!!  The only place I have to go today is to drop off Mya at preschool, then pick her up later on.  I did my hair & makeup, so you would think I could muster up the energy to at least put on a decent pair of jeans, but the thought of jeans around my gurgling stomach is enough to make me feel sick again!!  We'll see.......I might just have to commit a fashion crime today, and I know it won't be the end of the world!!!  :)

UPDATE: Yes, I did it.  I went out in public in yoga pants!  I really don't think it was all that bad!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Polish Strips

Okay, I posted this pic a couple weeks ago and was soooo excited that I finally found these polish strips.  Well, I have worn them for a week, so here is my review:

-cute, stylish, fairly easy to apply
-feel like nail polish
-keep my natural nails from peeling or chipping
-no drying time at all (this is FABULOUS for us moms!)

-they tear easily
-did not stay on as long as I had hoped (one week and they started to come off around the tips), but my hands are in water a lot with 2 kids
-kind of expensive to use weekly (I got them for $8.99 at Target), but it's cheaper than a professional manicure
-wish they had them for toenails too!!!!

As I'm typing this post, I have on the pink glitter ones....getting tons of compliments on them!  They really are beautiful.  People keep asking me how I have my nails done with a new baby and 3 year old!!