Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Polish Strips

Okay, I posted this pic a couple weeks ago and was soooo excited that I finally found these polish strips.  Well, I have worn them for a week, so here is my review:

-cute, stylish, fairly easy to apply
-feel like nail polish
-keep my natural nails from peeling or chipping
-no drying time at all (this is FABULOUS for us moms!)

-they tear easily
-did not stay on as long as I had hoped (one week and they started to come off around the tips), but my hands are in water a lot with 2 kids
-kind of expensive to use weekly (I got them for $8.99 at Target), but it's cheaper than a professional manicure
-wish they had them for toenails too!!!!

As I'm typing this post, I have on the pink glitter ones....getting tons of compliments on them!  They really are beautiful.  People keep asking me how I have my nails done with a new baby and 3 year old!!

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