Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Turn Old Greeting Cards into Wall Art

Yesterday, I took on the giant task of tackling my 7 year-old daughter's bedroom. I did some maaaaaajor cleaning and purging!!!  Girls have so many trinkets, knick-knacks, treasures, etc. (whatever you want to call them)...A.K.A. clutter!!!  Anyway, I found a box in her closet that I haven't unpacked since we moved into our house almost two years ago.  It was labeled "Mya's Memory Box."  There were greeting cards from her birth through her 5th birthday, preschool artwork, and even Kindergarten papers.  I was especially bothered by all the room these Ziplock bags of greeting cards were consuming in the box and in her closet.

Soooo......keeping with my latest Hexagon Punch obsession, and not willing to toss them all in the trash, I knew we needed a compromise.  How about displaying them in a unique way?! Greeting cards for little girls are gorgeous!!!!  Many are sparkly and metallic with princesses and castles and butterflies!  All the things that represent my little Mya!

Supplies I used:
11x14 canvas panels from Walmart (similar HERE)
Hexagon Punch, Circle Punch (use any size or design you wish!)
Old greeting cards

For the first one, I just cut out circles and layered them onto the canvas:

The second one took a little more time since I used the hexagon punch and tried to space the punches out evenly.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up.  It's easier than you might think to space out the pieces....I'm usually picky about these kind of things, but I found it to be very simple once I got the first row down.

I just used a couple Command strips to hang them up on the wall!! I may decide to paint them with a clear coat of poly or Mod Podge so the pieces adhere more permanently.  For now, I'm curious to see how long they will last with just the glue stick.

I wrote the name of the person who gave Mya the card on the back of some of the pieces.  I may never look at them, but I just felt like I needed to write them for memory's sake!!!

Now on to my son's bedroom......yikes, what project will I get into next?!!!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Updated Medicine Organization & Free Printable!

Last year, I posted about medicine organization that has been working wonderfully in our home for years now--yes, years!!!  It's one of the few systems that has really worked well and stayed that way! And that post included some free printables.

Well, as much as I like the yellow and gray chevron labels, I wanted to update the labels to a more colorful design..... (and yes, they're here for you to download for free!!) They fit perfectly into those clear shoe bins from the dollar store!

We keep "Kids Meds" and "Adult Meds" containers up high in a kitchen cabinet since we need them more frequently, but these 6 bins go in our hall linen closet.

Yikes, I don't see any Band Aids in there....are my kids the only ones who go through them like milk!!!!! ;) 

Happy medicine organizing, my friends!!!

For your personal use only.  Professional printing okay.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mother/Daughter Craft: Hexagon Punch Artwork

I've been seeing some cute ideas on Pinterest (HERE and HERE) using a hexagon punch, so I took advantage of Joann's weekend sale and finally purchased one!! Mya and I dug into all my scrap paper and created these lovely framed pieces of art in just a few minutes!!!!  We punched out hexagons from the paper, used a glue stick to glue on all the punches (we just eyeballed the placement) onto the white card stock background.

For Mya's, we added a glittery "M" that we cut out from my Cricut machine. 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free Printable: Cookie Mom Thank You Certificate

Cookie season is wrapping up here in central Ohio!  So I decided to create some special certificates for our very special, hard-working, much appreciated COOKIE MOMS!!!!!!  I'm sharing with you as well! There is a place at the bottom for the girls to sign and spaces for the mom's name and your troop number.

Created by Jamie/ for your personal use.
In order to keep these printables FREE, I do not offer edits or customization. However, please visit my Etsy shop for customization inquiries and quotes!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Spring & Easter Printables in my Shop!

Hi, my friends!
I wanted to share some of the latest additions to my shop!  Be sure to check out my New Instagram for special coupon codes to these items!! And of course I have a freebie at the bottom, so don't miss it!!

I am offering the bonus colorful to-do list to you as a freebie!! Enjoy!!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Free Printable: Colorful Labels

Hi, my friends!  The snow is almost melted away here in central Ohio!!! :)  So I was inspired by the rising temps to create some colorful labels....maybe to be used during all that Spring cleaning I hope to be doing soon!! Or not!!!  Of course I am sharing them with you! They can be printed on Avery 5163 Shipping Labels or plain old paper is fine too;)

Backgrounds by TheDigiRainbow
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Project: Turning a Bathroom Cabinet into a Bookcase

I was cleaning and purging a bunch of stuff in Mason's room and I saved the worst for last...his overwhelming pile of books that were in a big mess under his side table!  I did some shopping around our basement and found this old cabinet that had been hanging in the master bathroom when we moved into our house almost two years ago. A light bulb went off in my head!  So after some painting and adding a couple pieces of wrapping paper, Mason has a nice little bookcase in his room!

The dirty old ugly cabinet:

I cleaned it, removed the doors, and spray painted it with some primer:

Then added a couple coats of black spray paint and two coats of poly. Lastly, I glued some wrapping paper to the back with spray adhesive.

The final product:

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Printable: Daisy Petals Bag Insert

If you are a leader struggling to find a way to give out daisy petal patches without the girls losing them...or you're trying to find something besides just handing her the patch, then I hope this will help you!!!!  I created this printable of all 10 petals plus the center that will fit perfectly into most snack-size zipper bags (4 pages PDF format).  Print, cut, place inside the bag, and then you can toss her patch inside and seal it up!! Enjoy!! :)Jamie

Now with a line for the name (thanks for the idea, Julie!)

In order to keep these printables FREE, I do not offer edits or customization. However, please visit my Etsy shop for customization inquiries and quotes!

For your personal or troop use only.

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