Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Organizing Continues...

OK, I've been horrible about posting to this blog!  I finally got down & dirty and got to work on some real, major organizing!  I got this book called Eliminate Chaos by Laura Leist and it is FABULOUS!!!  (I got the free Kindle version via Overdrive, but I think I will have to purchase a copy that I can keep since it will expire in a few days!)  Laura is a professional organizer and takes us through the 10 steps of organizing.  I felt like she was writing it just for me!!  It has pictures, client stories, and fabulous tips to get started all the way through shopping and maintaining.

So.....I took 2 1/2 hours of my Sunday afternoon when my little guy was napping and my husband was doing some outside chores.  I tackled a few areas of my kitchen.  I knew if I tried to organize the entire kitchen, it would be too much to handle in that small amount of time.  Here are some before/during/after pics!!

The Microwave Counter and Junk Drawer!


DURING: All the stuff that was on the counter, in the cabinets and junk drawer