Friday, January 29, 2016

My Home Cafe is done!!!!!

It's definitely not Pinterest-worthy or anything fancy-schmancy.....but my little cafe is done!!!   It's in our dining room (which currently still does not have a dining room table and needs a new chandelier and some fresh paint!!).  Most everything is stuff I already had or purchased from Goodwill. Some of the wall hangings I made myself.  I may update these photos soon because the dreary weather did not make for good lighting today!!!

I painted this COFFEE sign at a home painting party in December.  The little shelf is from Goodwill.

I have a section for Tea and Hot Chocolate too: 

There is a seat waiting for you if you're in the Columbus area and want to stop by! ;) ;) ;)

Of course I had to have a place for my popcorn machine!!!! 

Well, there you go!  Maybe I'll consider installing a drive-thru window this summer!!!

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