Monday, June 1, 2015

Painting for Beginners!!!

My little girl celebrated her 8th birthday on Memorial Day!!  I can't believe it's been 8 years since I gave birth to her and now she has finished 2nd grade already!  We'd been having her birthday party at a park the last few years so we could: 1. Basically invite an unlimited number of people, 2. We wouldn't have to get our house ready and 3. We wouldn't have to clean up afterwards! But this year, she wanted.....a SLEEPOVER!!!

So that's what she had.  I told her she couldn't invite every single friend, and that we would keep things simple.  She narrowed it down to just a few friends and we had a very talented teenager come and teach the girls how to make a painting!!! (Then the girls moved on to cake, presents, watching a movie, playing Sleepover BINGO, and I think by 3:00AM most of them were asleep!!!!).

OK, now back to the whole painting lesson!!

I had never been to one of those painting classes that you see on Groupon all the time, so I had no idea how this worked.  But my friend, whose daughter was teaching us, knew the whole deal.  Here are the supplies we needed based on my daughter's choice of this (advanced level) painting from Pinterest (yikes!):

2 - 2 oz. containers of acrylic paint in each of the colors of green, purple, and white
1 - 8 oz. container of acrylic paint in each of the colors of blue, read, and yellow
1 large paint brush and 1 small paint brush per girl
Baby Wipes
Paper Towels
Cup of water for each girl
Paper plate for each girl
Canvas for each girl
Paint smocks or old shirts for each girl

She simplified the painting for 8 year-olds and did step-by-step instructions for the girls!

This was the lovely almost-finished product of our artist (who happens to be only 13, can you believe it?!!):

It was so fun to see the girls' different paintings!!! 

I made the painting placemats for the girls using some gift wrap, zebra cards, plain white paper, a name label, and my laminator:

Oh gosh, I can't believe I'm posting these pics, but I got very inspired during and after the party to paint my own paintings!!! I am a very new beginner to painting!! But I'm loving it!!!!

Here is the one I did during the party:

And I made a cupcake based on a similar one I found online:

And then I got inspired to paint a tree for our family room....

I can't wait to go buy some more canvases!!!!  Who knew painting could be so relaxing and fun?!!!  I think in my older age, I'm not so worried about making mistakes, so I just go with it!

The party was a success!

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