Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free Printable Bus Driver Thank You Card!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for our district!  Wow, I can't believe it's here already!!  So I'm trying to finish up teacher gifts and cards and I remembered how Mya's bus driver loved his personalized card last year!  I made another one for him today with his name and bus number, and I thought I would share a similar version with you! 

You can download both the 5x7 card and a sheet of buses to use to wrap around a gift card!!
(December 2021 UPDATE: Due to a google drive update, you may have to request access to this file to view.  Please allow 24-48 hrs. for me to accept your request.  I'm trying to fix this issue asap!!)

How to wrap the gift card:
(You'll need an extra strength glue stick, your gift card, and of course you'll want to print the bus paper. Download the bus driver thank you card here and print it too.)
 Fold up about half inch over the gift card.

Fold the right side across: 

Glue right side.  Fold left side across: 

Press and hold for a minute to secure: 

Fold the two tops inward to form a point.  Glue down: 

Glue the point (or a bus sticker works great too!): 

Have your kid(s) sign the card: 

Add a ribbon and even a note for a personalized touch! 

The bus driver will love it, I promise:)

Clipart purchased from ClipArtopia.


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