Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Not So Fashionable Mom

Just a quick story to share about my frustration of finding a SECURITY TAG on the one dress I was most excited to wear on our vacation...

I had planned each and every outfit for our vacation down to the shoes and jewelry of course. Tonight I was so excited to wear this adorable dress and then I discover this...
Noooooo!!!!! And I had even told the cashier at Kohl's to check for those!!!! I knew many of the clothes I purchased would be going straight into my suitcase when I got home.

Jim thinks I should wear it anyway since it it underneath the bottom layer of the dress, but I'm worried I will set off some alarm:)!!!! My plan now is to just return it when I get back home:( Big bummer!!!!

UPDATE: I was determined to get that thing off!!!  First, I went to the hotel gift shop to see if they had any security tags on their items, which would mean they'd also have a way to remove them.  Nope!  So then second, of course I googled it.  I tried the rubber band technique because I had a bunch of hair elastics with me. One elastic was all it took to loosen the screw significantly, and I was pretty certain there was no ink inside it, so I wasn't stressing about pulling it apart with all my might (which sadly wasn't enough might).  All of my tugging put a tiny little hole in the dress, which is okay because it's on the inside layer that gets covered up anyway.  I was able to gently stretch that little hole around the security tag and get it off!  It's close to the seam, so I can stitch it up if I later decide I need to, but it doesn't show, and I'll probably never get around to it!! Problem solved!!!

Here it is...

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