Monday, August 4, 2014

Homework Desk Organization

My daughter Mya will be starting 2nd grade in about 10 days.  So I've been evaluating the areas of our home that get a lot more action during the school year.

I started with our home office where we have a "homework desk" and 6 square bulletin boards that I made a few years ago.  The desk is huge with a large surface area for homework and office supplies.  But let me tell you---this desk was a gigantic mess last school year.  It was a dumping ground for mail and papers and misc notebooks and coupons.  Mya used the pull-out keyboard drawer to actually do her homework because it was the only place that was clear!

So I had to make a change.  Sorry, no before pic, but basically there was too much stuff....I mean WAAAAY too much stuff! I didn't keep up with putting away artwork or papers and even the bulletin boards were a cluttered mess! This mess made for a scattered 1st grader. Mya's actions are often related to her environment, so of course she would be distracted from homework when she was sitting amongst a pile of craziness!!!

I first wrote down a list of basic areas and supplies that Mya would really need when she does homework and empties her backpack each day.  Nothing else needs to be there. We need the least amount of "stuff" as possible!!!
My list included:
-Colored Pencils
Then I took the list, made a label for each item, and adhered the label to a container to store these things.

And the 6 Bulletin Board squares are now designated for:
1. Photos
2. Girl Scouts/AWANA
3. Passwords
4. Cards & Invitations
5. Empty
6. Mason (hey, he needs a spot too!!!!;))

Here is the giant pile of "stuff" that didn't belong on the desk or isn't necessary!

And here is the entire desk again.  Let's hope it stays organized and works out well for my little second grader.  I'll keep you updated. ;)

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