Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shoe Station

To continue on with yesterday's post about areas of our home that get a lot more attention during the school year, I wanted to share our solution to SHOE CHAOS!!!!!

Our laundry room is the first room you enter from the garage.  And it is very small!!!  So my ideas of using it for shoe storage and backpacks had to be re-evaluated!!!  It will be undergoing some changes shortly, but for now, we have two additional areas where we keep shoes and backpacks:  the garage   and this cubicle organizer....

These cubicles have been working very well for summer shoes and sneakers (and even misc toys that I find lying around the house!), but I realize that when winter months come, we'll have to utilize the system we have set up in the garage.  Also, I'm not crazy about backpacks sitting there in plain sight, so that will probably change too. For now, the best part is that the kids actually use the cubicles for their purpose! They come home and put their shoes away (usually with some reminding, but hey, what else was I expecting....new systems take time to learn!!)!!! 

Anyway....here are some close-ups.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the name letters on sticker paper and attached them to foam sheets.

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