Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine update

Yesterday we finished most of the Valentines!  We kept it simple this year....nothing fancy!!  For Mason's preschool class, we used the photo cards from Smilebox and put them in a bag with a Rice Krispy Treat.  For Mya's first grade class, we used the same cards but used the Gummy Bands candy (gluten & nut free).  Part of me wishes we had used some cute Valentine bags, but I already had the ziplocs, so we went with those!

Time: About 20 mins. to save and upload all the cards to Walgreens photo, About 25 mins. for Mya and me to put all the cards into a baggie with the candy
Cost: $6.79 to print 37 4x6 cards at with same-day pickup

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