Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Medicine Organization: FREE Printable Labels

***4/3/15: I have created a new, colorful set of these labels!!!  Click HERE!!!***

About a year ago, I found an idea on Pinterest or a blog about organizing medicine in plastic shoe boxes.  It has worked great for us!!!  It was especially fabulous when we moved because I just taped up the boxes and packed them up for the move.  If your guy is like mine, he probably asks, "Where is the...." multiple times a week!  So this system has been very helpful when the kids are sick and he's looking for meds!  In addition to our linen closet, I also keep some meds in our kitchen.  These are usually ones we are currently using like cold meds if the kids have a cough or cold and always Tylenol and Advil.  I figure it doesn't make sense to run upstairs multiple times a day for these medications if we need them often.

I found my plastic shoe boxes at Dollar Tree, but any similar container would work just as great!

Download the FREE Labels HERE or below!  Simply print, cut,  and insert in the inside end of the box!

Here is the container I keep in a kitchen cabinet for current meds the kids are using.

For your personal use only.  Professional printing okay.

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