Thursday, January 2, 2014

Smooth Mornings

If you have school-aged kids like me (or even if you don't!), you probably understand how chaotic mornings can be!  Rushing around to get yourself dressed, the kids dressed, fed, lunch packed, hair braided, teeth brushed, and outside to the bus stop before you see the bus drive away past your house is not easy!!!

Well, here is our little morning routine.  It still is chaotic, but we have found some great ways to make it run a little smoother around here!!!

The Night Before we:
1. Do homework,
2. Get backpack ready,
3. Set out lunch bag if packing,
4. Set out clothes


Morning Routine:
6:45 AM My iPhone alarm goes off!
6:45 AM Shower: I get up and shower right away, get dressed, and head downstairs
7:00 AM Coffee is waiting for me: I set my coffee maker timer the night before so I have my coffee all brewed and ready for me in the morning.  This is probably unnecessary if you have a Keurig, but I still haven't decided whether to get one of those yet. So, my Mr. Coffee works just fine for now!

7:00-7:30 AM Makeup: Put on makeup while watching DVR or news. I have all my daily makeup/skin care in a makeup case that I tuck next to our sofa in the family room.  I love putting it on while I catch up on my DVR or watch the morning news.  I know I won't have much of a chance to put it on the rest of the day, so why not just get it over and done?!

7:30 AM Kids wake up/get dressed: My daughter uses her iPod alarm to wake up. My son only goes to preschool one morning per week, so I let him sleep as late as he wants on most days.
--Kids' clothes: Once the iPod wakes her up, my daughter gets dressed.  We always set out her clothes the night before.  She helps decide what she is wearing and we lay it on the end of her bed.
7:30 AM Pack lunch (she decides the night before whether she will pack or buy.  If she wants to pack, she decides what she wants in her lunch and we set out any non perishables.
7:35 AM Make breakfast: I try to make breakfast before the kids come downstairs so it's ready for them, but sometimes it's more like 7:45 before they eat.
7:45-8:00 AM Eat breakfast (Mya is more slow-moving in the morning, so she takes her good old time to eat!)
8:00-8:15 AM Do hair: This is when I do my hair and Mya's hair.
8:15 AM Brush teeth
8:20 AM Shoes & socks on, Coats on
8:25 AM Off to bus stop!
Then Mason and I carry on with our day!!!

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