Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Kill Time on a Snow Day

School is canceled.  Oh dear.  The kids will be home all day....again....and it's too cold to play outside.  And it's Noon and everyone is still in PJs.

Here are some ways to enjoy or "kill time" during those seemingly endless days!!!!!

1.  POPCORN and a movie.  A movie is 25% of the fun.  The popcorn is the other 75%!!!  We have a fabulous popcorn machine that Jim gave me for Valentine's Day several years ago.  But you don't need anything fancy like that!  You can just heat up some oil in a pot and pop 3 T of kernels (per kid) in there with the lid on.  By the time the popcorn is eaten up, the kids are glued to the movie, and you have a fabulous 1.5 hours to fold the laundry and check Facebook without interruption!

2.  Play-Doh.  It's messy, yes, but who cares???  It can keep those kiddos busy for a good hour.  Then if it's dried out all over the table, just scoop it into the trash.  It's cheap to replace.  And let it dry on the floor for awhile and it will vacuum right up.

3.  Set up something big.  A Hot Wheels track that circles around the entire first floor.  A train track that travels through 3 rooms.  A doll stroller obstacle course in the basement.  A hospital for Barbies.  This is something that you have to help the kids to get started with, but they will finish it on their own and play with it for a long time.

4.  Bring the outdoor games inside.  Set up Cornhole in the family room.  Blow up the giant bowling pins and play bowling in the basement.  Fill a kiddie pool with pillows and blankets.  Even tricycles and scooters can be used inside if you have enough room and a safe area.

5.  Go to McDonald's.  Unless it's closed or you're not allowed to drive (which is called a Level 3 snow emergency in our area), drive to a McDonald's since chances are it's within 5 miles of you.  Obviously you'll need to be careful and use your best judgment, but it's amazing how much time you can kill sitting at McDs (especially if there's a play area) eating fries and sundaes!

Stay safe and warm out there!

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