Thursday, January 16, 2014

Closet Makeover!

We are in the middle of switching the kids' bedrooms.  Yikes!  When we moved into our house 8 months ago, we gave Mason the bigger bedroom because it was already painted blue.  But as time passed, we have come to realize that Mya plays in her bedroom much more than Mason.  She likes playing Barbies and dolls up there with her friends, so she needs a little more room to play!  And when she gets older, she will probably have a desk and computer there too, so we might as well make the transition now!

The first step of this project is installing a closet system in Mya's new closet.  Elfa is currently 30% off at The Container Store, so last weekend we designed the closet with one of their fabulous designers!  Jim installed it himself a couple days ago, then yesterday I began to move everything into it.

It's a 7.5' wide closet with 2 shelves and a bar that runs across the entire width.  Mya could not reach her clothes, and the shelves were useless for holding toys because she couldn't reach those either! 

This took Jim about 1.5 hours to install.  One side has 2 bars and a set of drawers.  The other side is only shelves from floor to ceiling.

As you can see, there is still a lot of empty space…yay!  The very top shelf does not even show up in any of my pictures.  We have a couple special baby blankets, photo albums, and a memory bin up there.  We plan on adding more fabric bins as needed, as well as add labels to the remainder of bins & containers.  NEXT….painting and moving furniture.  Coming soon!!!

I used my Cricut machine to cut these tiara labels (Sophisticated cartridge) and then just typed the bin contents into a Word doc and used a glue stick to put them on. To adhere the tiara to the fabric bin, I used Fashion Tape.  It's a fabulous double-sided tape that comes in pre-cut strips.

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