Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Binder

I am not naturally an organized person!  I'm always looking for the best way to organize the things in my life that cause me the most stress.  So…..I found that a Binder System works great!  In our home, most of the papers fall into one of the five following categories: Paid Bills, Finances (investments, mortgage paperwork, etc), Warranties & Manuals, Tax Stuff & Receipts, and Coupons/Gift Cards.  I have separate boxes for the kids' school papers and artwork, which is another huge mess if I don't keep up on it weekly!!! I prefer binders to file drawers only because I find it is easier to discard and maintain a clean binder, where I often would just squeeze papers upon papers in files so I wouldn't have to deal with them again!!!

I made a FREE printable template that you can edit as you please!  The file includes my five categories, a page with a blank label so you may print your own categories, and binder spines.

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