Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Not-So-Fashionable Mom...

I have decided to start a weekly post titled "The Not-So-Fashionable Mom."

How do some moms do it?  I'm referring to the PERFECT moms with the PERFECT homes and the PERFECT job and the PERFECT kids and the PERFECT marriage.  Everything from the junk drawer to the toilet brush is so clean and tidy. The kids are smiling in every beautiful, professional photo hanging on the wall and even the playroom is clean......this one really gets me.  (I have tried taking before and after pictures of our playroom in the basement before a big organizing project, and for some reason I can't seem to get the after picture to look much different than the before picture!!!!)

So, once a week, I'll be taking you into my life.  My not-so-fashionable life as a stay-at-home of a 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy.  This is real...yep, messes, flaws, frustrations....things that will make you feel better about your own self.  We've all been there....haven't we...oh please say yes....haven't we??? ;)

Let's start with an afternoon at the park.  My plan was to take the kids to the fountains at the mall to play.  Well, the fountains were not turned on that day.  Plan B was to go to the lake and play at the playground.  Nope, it was flooded.  Plan C was to go to another park then grab some ice cream.  We never made it to ice cream because.....

This happened over and over.  Then he sat right in the middle of the puddle.  At least he was wearing a bathing suit!  Boys will be boys:)

Earlier in the week, I dropped my favorite mug (right).  Of course it broke.  I found this nice blue one that was almost identical, and it's been just fine. The world continued on.

Sometimes we just have to take silly pictures.

I was very annoyed at this particular moment with cleaning.  So I thought it would lighten my mood to take of pic of me shooting myself with a Windex bottle!!!!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my parents moving out of my childhood home.  Well, the move was over the weekend.  Here I am saying goodbye, wiping my tears.  It was very difficult for me. 35 years of memories.

Jim and me on the front porch of the empty house: 

Mom, Me & Dad 

Oh gosh, what is this mess?  I was trying to clear up some space in the builtins in our office and the kids' school papers, artwork, etc. were most of the mess.  So I finally took an hour to filter through everything.  I was planning on dedicating a blog post to this project, but I'm not sure it would even be helpful to anyone.  I threw out a ton of stuff!  I am excited to share an idea that my Mom had about creating a binder for kids' certificates. That post is coming soon:)

Next week I'll try to capture some pics of my messy kitchen or the disaster area in the basement.  But this was the best I could do for now...hehehe!
Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend!

P.S. I only worked out 2 days this week.  And I ate a giant cheeseburger and fried pickles for dinner on Friday and pepperoni pizza on Saturday. It tasted so good that I might just do it again next weekend. 

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