Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goodwill $5.00 Challenge- Home Decor Shopping

I love to visit YouTube when I need inspiration for cleaning, organizing, or home decor.  I discovered there was a tag going around where YouTubers were posting videos of a $5.00 Goodwill Challenge.  They shopped Goodwill or Thrift Stores for summer home decor items and showed how they used them or transformed them into something spectacular for their home.  I was having so much fun going through the videos!  Here are a few of my faves:

Living Luxuriously for Lesshttp://youtu.be/SREwQTWquPA

I decided to take the challenge myself...in the form of this blog post instead of a video. My total came to $8.00 so I guess I cheated....oops;)

So what did I get for $8.00??? 
I used all the items in my kitchen:

1.  Gold Organizer - $1.00
It's a little worn and scratched, but it's exactly what I needed for our phones and chargers on the kitchen counter!  Our countertops have a lot of that golden copper color, so it's really a perfect match.   I love that it clears up all those ugly cords that were laying on the counter in a huge, hideous pile!  I may decide to paint it, but for now, I kinda like the gold look;)

2. Glass Container - $3.00
I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this!  I was actually looking specifically for one of these, so I almost screamed Halleluia when I turned around and saw it on the end of the aisle!!!! I bake a lot, so I've been searching for something pretty that I could put all my cookies and cupcakes in instead of a big ugly tupperware that usually sits on the counter. This is so perfect!

It's a little empty....I think I need to do some baking today;) 

3.  Flower in Vase - $2.00 and Yellow Plate - $1.00
As I continue to decorate our newly updated kitchen, I've been on the lookout for flowers, plates, and vases that will add color and happiness.  The yellow plate first caught my attention.  I was thinking of using it on our island with a square vase of flowers.  But then I found these fake flowers with a cute vase (which I may end up painting later on) and thought it might work. I'm still deciding whether to put this display on the island or keep it by the fridge on our phone/notepad counter. Hmmmm????

5.  Yellow and White Vase/Holder - $1.00
This had a sticker that read "Edible Arrangements" on the bottom and it made sense to me that is  how it was used.  It's a sturdy little vase and I loved the shape of it.  Not to mention, it coordinates with the yellow that I'm using in the kitchen now.  I use it to store all those single-serving tea and punch mixes.  Perfect fit! :)

I had so much fun with this challenge!!!! I knew I would find some fabulous items, as I always do at our Goodwill.  I also found two other items that I'll include in tomorrow's post.  They are decor for the family room and were just what I needed to help freshen up the room!

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