Monday, June 23, 2014

Pantry Open & Closed Sign Project with FREE Printable

It's officially summer!  The kids are home all day every day and I had to crack down on limiting the pantry snacks (I need to do the same for the popsicles, actually!)!!!  A few years ago, I made a Pantry Open/Pantry Closed sign using a little princess sign that Mya had and just stuck a label on each side. But Mason can't read yet, so I decided it was time to make one that a 3 year old could understand.

1. Pantry Open/Pantry Closed Printable - Download HERE
2. Two foam sheets (4x6) - My pack was from the Dollar Tree
3.  Scissors or Paper Cutter
4. 12" piece of ribbon
5. Glue Tape Runner (or a glue stick would probably work OK) - I found this pack of 4 for $4.99 from TJ Maxx

1.  Cut out the images

2. On the long side of the foam, mark 1" from the left and 1" from the right.  This is where you'll put glue for the ribbon.

3.  Use the tape runner to glue a strip for the ribbon

4. Glue the foam around the edge and in the middle to adhere the two pieces together

5.  Firmly press the two pieces of foam together

6.  Glue the images to the each side of the foam and....there you have it!

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