Monday, October 5, 2015

Thomas the Train Party!

I can't believe my little boy is 5 today!!!!!!  We had a busy weekend of celebrating his birthday, as well as my niece's (where I made an appearance as Cinderella!!!)!

The decorations were my little attempt at a Pinterest-decorated Thomas party....and were probably more stress and exhaustion than they were worth!!!!  I know I saved a lot of money creating tags, labels, a banner, and even a wreath myself, but it was hours of work.  I think next year, we'll just go to Sky Zone!!!! We borrowed a bounce house to use that day, but it was cold and rainy, so that plan got nixed.

Mason has sooooo many trains and accessories, so it made decorating almost free!!

I got both a cake and cupcakes to add some color to the table.  The goody bags had train tattoos, Thomas stickers, a Thomas stamper, the BINGO game, Thomas candy melts that I made with a mold I got last year on Ebay, and some misc candy/snacks. I made the labels in Photoshop.

I got the little bins from Dollar Tree and glued on sandwich cookies with a hot glue gun.  

This was my beginner's-level attempt at a mesh wreath!!  You can't see if from the photo, but there are little Thomas & Friends trains attached!

I love an excuse to get out my popcorn machine!!!!!! 

Drinks were just water and juice pouches. This table was also for the gifts. 

I put a train cutout sticker (cut on my Cricut) on mini canvases and the kids colored over them with markers.  Then when they removed the sticker, there was a little white train!

I also made a Thomas mini BINGO game for the kids to play!!! Email me if you'd like the file! 

It was a wonderful party and the kids had fun just playing around in our basement! I wish the weather had been better for the bounce house and outdoor activities, but that was out of my control!!  Next year;)


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