Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin String Art with Push Pins!

I was in charge of the craft for Mya's class Halloween party, so I was looking to do something unique with her class of 3rd graders!  I have tried out the string art using nails and wood, but I knew that would not work in the 15 minute time slot we had (not to mention the cost and skill level it would require!).  So.....I came up with an alternative! Here is Mya's:

The kids loved making these and it was a huge success!!
Here is my original version:

I prepared all the supplies ahead of time, which was very time-consuming, but made things run very smoothly at the class party.  Here is a list of the supplies needed:
Green push pins
Ribbon or string for hanging
Pumpkin cut-out
Glue gun and glue sticks
Ruler & pencil
Knife or cutter

I cut out 6x4" rectangles for our project.  

Use the glue gun to glue two layers of cork together, with the hanging string or ribbon glued between the layers.  It is necessary to glue two pieces together so it's thick enough for the push-pins to go in but not push all the way through.

I prepared the boards ahead of time and gave each child a bag with the supplies he/she needed for the project: pumpkin cut-out, 16 clear push pins, 4 green push pins, string.  I also glued each end of the string with a glob of hot glue to make the ends strong so the kids could simply poke the push pin into the string's beginning to start out and then again at the end.  No need to tie the string around the push pins!!

The pumpkin shape will be removed after the push pins, so be sure the kids are poking the push pins outside of it, not through it!!

Lift up a push pin and push it through the beginning of the string.  Then just randomly wrap the string  in any pattern you choose!!  Mya chose to wrap a border on the top part of the pins then the remaining string under the push pins, but you can also weave it all on the top part, as in my original version.

Use the green pins for the "stem" or you can use green string as in my original version.

Happy Halloween!!

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