Thursday, October 22, 2015

Home Office: Before & After

Woooohooo! The floors are done!  All the installing, sanding, and staining is done and our furniture is back in!! We still have some pictures to hang and other "stuff" to put back, but we're taking our time on that.  I'm not going to go into all the details of our whole floor process in this post because I think it needs a separate post of its own!!! I have several before and after pictures to share, as well as tips and advice for anyone thinking about replacing carpet with wood floors.

I've decided to start off sharing the room in our house that has had one of the biggest transformations since we moved into this home in May 2013.  It's my craft room/home office/homework room/art gallery!!!!!  I don't spend a lot of chunks of time in here, but I do come in here very frequently for craft supplies, printing, using my Cricut or laminator, etc.

BEFORE: The builtins were still the natural wood color, and there was berber carpet.

The middle pic is after we had the trim and builtins painted white and the last pic is obviously the final "AFTER" pic:

I have shared that I tend to be messy and unorganized much of the time!!!  I always feel that my life is in fast-forward mode, so I'm always moving from one project to the next, leaving messes behind!  Well, this system of using the shoeboxes to store my most frequently used supplies has been fabulous!!!!!!  It's one of the few organizing systems that has actually worked for me and the shelf always stays tidy! Yay!!!!

The art gallery wall is a work in progress. I just LOVE seeing the kids' projects and paintings and drawings and masterpieces;)  I've got a whole bin of artwork to sort through and hang up there.  (I have difficulty throwing that kinda stuff away, so it's been a challenging process deciding what to toss, store, or hang!)

There is another wall/section of this room that I didn't photograph.  It's Mya's desk and a small closet I use for my Mary Kay inventory.  It's pretty boring, but I may show some pics at some point in the near future!

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