Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Faves - YouTube Channels

Hi friends!!! Here in Columbus, Ohio we're still smiling from the Buckeyes' National Championship win on Monday night!!!  What an amazing season!

Anyway....this week I'm going to be sharing some of my faves in social media. Let me start with YouTube...


pinksofoxy - I love this channel!!! Christine creates sooooo many beautiful home decor projects from pillows to trays to drawer dividers! She is always very detailed in her easy-to-follow tutorials.  In addition to home decor projects, she also has craft projects, makeup tutorials, nail polish reviews, DIYs and more!!  You have to check it out:)

AtHomeWithNikki - This channel covers it all from crafts, organization, entertaining, home decor, cleaning and cooking!  You will love Nikki!  She comes up with creative, inspiring ideas with her own personal touch.  You have to see her craft room....I'm so jealous!!!!!!  I love that her videos aren't too long and she has such a wide range of topics on her channel that I get excited for every new video that is posted! She also has a second channel AtWorkWithNikki.  Please check her out!!!

OrganizedClutterbug - What I love most about this channel is that she is a mom just like me, living in the same chaos, except unlike me, she is brilliant with her organizing ideas!  There are too many YouTubers who have channels with hundreds of videos of their perfect homes and offices and garages where everything is color coded and categorized.....and they don't have kids!!!!  No wonder their spaces are so neat and tidy!!!! (my own opinion, of course!)  But this channel is different.  I can totally relate to her! I love her bubbly personality and her clever ways to get a handle on "stuff" in our homes! And most everything is budget-friendly!!!

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