Monday, January 19, 2015

My Faves - Pinterest Pins

Hi, my friends!
I had originally planned on listing my favorite Pinterest Pinners and Boards in this post, but then decided to share my favorite Pins instead.  Pins that are actually realistic ideas for me to make, create, and use!!!

This tip has made my life a LOT easier!!! Use the stand mixer to shred chicken!!!  I do this at least once or twice a week!

Buffalo Balls!!! These are delicious!!!! I took them to a New Year's Eve party once.

I'll eat anything buffalo, but when it's guilt-free it's even better! You can hardly tell it's cauliflower!!

I wish I remembered to make these more often....they are so easy and even the kids love them.  Great dinner idea.


Gel stain!!!!!!!! If it wasn't for Pinterest, I don't know how I would have found out about this fabulous paint! I have gel stained the cabinets in my kitchen, laundry room, half bathroom, and kids' bathroom.  The only place left is the master bathroom!  It instantly updates a home!

I didn't make this exact idea, but I made something similar to these adorable storage boxes:

I'm a Sunday School teacher, and the preschoolers/kindergarteners loved these little stampers.  I always have tons of those foam stickers from Dollar Tree, so these were very easy and inexpensive!

I haven't made this striped canvas yet, but with my office makeover happening in February (finally the painters have scheduled us and are set to come next month! Goodbye, honey oak built-ins and hello bright white!!!)

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