Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Printable: Valentine Mini Bingo!

I'm obsessed with clipart (isn't that so weird? LOL!!!)!!!  And when I came across these adorable owls and Valentine's Day clipart, of course I just had to make a new bingo game!!!!  Click HERE or on the image below to download.  The PDF includes callout cards and 10 unique boards.  This would be a great game for preschoolers, girl scouts, Sunday School, etc.

Owl clipart by Giftseasonstore on Etsy
Valentine clipart by Pikaboodesign on Etsy
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  1. One thing I've found challenging with homeschooling is keeping my just turned 3 year old occupied. He is well aware that he is not doing the same thing as his siblings and will throw a tantrum once he realises. online bingo