Monday, July 14, 2014

The Not-So-Fashionable Mom

I think the stress of summer commitments and activities is really getting to me!!!!!  I've spent way too many days in my leggings and flip flops!!!!

This week of not-so-fashionableness....

Let's begin with the cake that was a giant disaster!!!!!! I needed a cake for VBS and realized the only cake mixes I had were Spice Cakes. So I made one from scratch.  What a mess!  It was so dry and disastrous that I had to use one can of icing just for the middle filling and another recipe of icing for the top.  Fortunately the kids were not actually eating the cake, only looking at it (cruel, I know!).  And I was able to cover it with Oreos to hide much of the problem areas.

Afterwards, Mya, Mason and I had a slice.... of course:)

My exercise routine did not go well.  I only did 1 workout on the elliptical.  I also gained 2 pounds this week and enjoyed this fabulous Brownie Batter Doughnut from Krispy Kreme.  I'm blaming PMS. ;)

My bathroom drawer was awful.  A huge mess.  I finally was fed up. Drawer organization post coming soon!!!

On Friday, we visited the Heart of Africa at the zoo!  We rode the train and Mason ate his usual Dippin Dots.  Fun times.

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