Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drawer Organization Project

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I reached a breaking point with my bathroom drawer.  In our master bathroom, we have a vanity that includes cabinets under each of the two sinks plus a drawer in between.  Under my sink (which is a fairly small area), I have a plastic storage drawer with my contacts, cotton balls, and q-tips.  And then I have 4 small bins for personal products, sunless tanning, lotions, and misc. The drawer in between the sinks was a complete mess.  I use this drawer to store the items I use every day or very frequently: deodorant, cotton rounds, toothpaste, floss, nighttime face creams & lotions, etc.

So first, I took everything out and wiped it clean:

Half of the stuff didn't even belong in that drawer!!! I have bins in the linen closet for medicine cream and sprays.  Some of the items were expired.  None of this went back in:

My next steps were inspired by this YouTube video I found a few months back about how to make your own drawer dividers.

I used a roll of wrapping paper from WalMart.  It's a nice, heavy quality paper and I loved the teal and pink combo! I measured the drawer, cut the paper to fit, then covered it with contact paper.

I placed the piece inside the drawer.

Then I cut out pieces from a foam board (about $1.00 for the whole board from Walmart) for the dividers and covered them with the same wrapping paper.

Then I just slid the dividers in the drawer....

Custom drawer dividers for only a few dollars and about 20 minutes!!!

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