Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to use a printable calendar or planner

I love all the fancy planners available now!  They come in so many beautiful colors and designs with custom covers and pages and so many fabulous accessories!  However, I'm a big fan of just printing my own pages and sticking them into a binder.  If I mess something up, I can just re-print a page.  Also, I tend to hold on to things like planners for years, fearful of throwing away memories!  But if I print my own pages, I am very quick to toss them when the month/year is over.  Less clutter, less decisions, keeping it simple!!!!

Here is what I do.

1.  Each month I print a new monthly page and fill-in the dates (or I may use one of my pre-dated designs). This one is available for purchase in my Etsy shop for only $3.00.

2.  Then I open my iPhone calendar....which is our master family calendar!  All our devices are linked to the iCalendar so that is always the first place I add a new event.  Why do I even bother with a printable calendar when I have the iPhone calendar?  Because I like to have a paper one in front of me at my desk when I'm at the computer or working on a project.  Or if I'm on my phone, it's just easier for me to have everything out in front of me.

3.  I get out my colored neon stickers.  Each color represents a different family member. I have a "key" at the top of the calendar to show who is who!

4.  I simply write the events on the stickers and then stick them on the calendar.  Quick, easy, and a great way to quickly scan for my own events, the kids' activities, etc. Plus, it's kinda fun too!!!!

5.  I also use a Week-at-a-Glance page each week and a Food Journal every day.  I have a separate post devoted to those coming soon!!! Happy planning!

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