Monday, November 17, 2014

The Not-So-Fashionable Mom

Hi friends!!!!  It is a beauuuutiful snowy day here in central Ohio!!!  The kids had their first "snow day" and I can't even remember that last time we had a snow day in November!!!

So what have I been up to lately?.....

Goofing around with Mister:

This particular day was a challenging day for me.  I was having a bit of anxiety and stress, so I suggested to Mister that he run around the house to burn some energy.  He excitedly agreed!!!!!! I couldn't help but snap a pic of him running his little heart out!!!! 

I went to girl scout leader training over the weekend. One of the classes I went to was about snacks related to the different journeys, so here are my "Ladybug Apples": 

And I also attended a class about crafts to teach the girls.  I made a stick noisemaker, pipe cleaner button bracelet, and pumpkin seed and leaf necklace! I really loved this class!!!!! 

Meanwhile, Jim took the kids to the Bobcats basketball game! Silly as always!!

Last night at Youth Group at church, some of the girls and I had some fun with Play-Doh!!!  You're never too old to enjoy Play-Doh, right?!!!! 

Our beautiful snow this morning: 

The kids were very excited to go outside and play!!!!!

This is tragic.  I accidentally left my precious plants outside on the screened-in porch last night.  I have a total of 3 plants that all originated from 2 plants, one from each of my grandmother's funerals. One is 10 years old, the other is 6. I'm not sure if they will make it....I'm so mad at myself for this.  I hope there is at least one little stem that survives so I can keep them going:(
(I'm kinda shocked they've survived this long!!!!!!)

Enjoy your week, my friends!!

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