Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Use a Printable Planner

Planners are not cheap!!!  So I love creating and printing my own pages and then I just insert them into a simple 3-ring binder.  This works great for me for many reasons:
1. There is plenty of room for the planner pages PLUS all the other "stuff" I need to keep track of on a weekly basis. I have additional tabs for my blog, Etsy shop, church, girl scouts, etc.
2.  I can customize my pages EXACTLY to my own style and practicality.  For example, I don't really need a month calendar in my planner.  We have a Shutterfly family calendar that we display for family birthdays, holidays, etc., as well as the iCalendar for all family members to view, so I really just need the week-to-week pages.
3.  I can print the pages as I need them AND remove pages as I'm done with them!  So my planner is never too heavy and always has just the right amount of pages that I prefer.
OH, one more thing....I can make them my own "Jamie" style, color and design!!!! do I use this "printable planner"??? And what is my process to set it up, decorate, and fill it in? Here is a sneak peek..
I prefer a weekly, two-page spread. I print it on Sunday afternoon and spend about a half hour filling it in, decorating it, and basically just planning out my week.  This includes everything from school work for the kids to dinners to birthdays and even the weather!

(For any of you who don't have the tools, patience, creativity, or time to create your own pages, DO NOT FEAR!! The one shown in the following pics is the freebie for November! And every month, check back for my newest free design!)

I really have fun with this process!!!  I set out all my gel pens and stickers....

...and my drawer of washi tape!!!!

First, I fill in the dates.  Then the weather.  (This helps with deciding on jackets and shoes that the kids will be wearing to school during the week.) The weather stickers are from Dollar Tree.

Then I continue to fill in all the events that I know such as church, holidays, birthdays, classes/lessons, scouts, etc.

I use washi tape to block out school days for Mister, who is in preschool, a well as any large chunks of time where we have events or activities.  An old gift card works great to cut the tape!

Here is a little peek into the start to my planning process. By the end of the week, each day is filled with notes, to-dos, reminders, events....what I like to call "emptying my brain!"

Some prior weeks....

If you love looking at other planners and beautiful planner pages, stickers & accessories, then I suggest following these Instagram accounts (WARNING: it can be a little addictive!!!!!):


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