Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's in my Mom Kit?

"I need a Band-aid!!!!!!!!!!" I think we moms hear that phrase at least a couple times a week, right?!!!    And we better have one handy or the child's finger might just fall off ;)!!!

I wanted to share the "Mom Kit" that I keep in my purse and all the "necessities" that I keep in it.  Yes, it's a little bulky and the reason why I carry a large purse.  But I'd rather be prepared with a sore shoulder than to be unprepared!! is the list of all the items I keep in my Mom Kit:
-Clear zipper bag (this one on Amazon would work great, or even just a Ziploc bag!)
-Gauze (great when kids lose teeth)
-Bandages (2 sizes)
-Shout wipes
-Lysol To Go
-Anti-itch cream
-Sunblock stick
-Eye drops
-Contact case
-Hand sanitizer
-Disposable toothbrushes 
(yes, I photoshopped those into the pic since I recently used up my last one!)
-Cold meds
-Splenda & Truvia
-Nail file
-Safety pin

My kids are now old enough to understand about meds, but when they were younger, I didn't have the loose meds in my purse. I used a secret box or a kid-proof bottle.

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