Friday, October 3, 2014

Thomas & Friends Brownie Bites

Hi, friends!

I haven't disappeared from the Earth....just a busy week for me this week!!!!

Mason's 4th birthday is on Sunday, so I wanted to share what I made for his preschool class.  These are far from the perfection for which I was hoping, but since 3-4 year olds will eat them faster than we can say the word "birthday," it probably doesn't matter!!!! BTW, Mason is OBSESSED with Thomas & Friends, so here is what we came up with for his class treat:

First, I used a candy mold to make the "Gordon, Number 4 Engine" candies. Don't look too closely, this was not easy!!!!! If you've done any candy making, you know the time and stress that is involved with melting, coloring, and trying to figure out where in the clear mold the particular color of candy is supposed to go.

Then I made brownie bites and stuck the candies in them:

While I was at it, I used the mold to make solid color suckers too, using a piece of plastic straw for the sucker stick. 

Mason ate his sucker in the 1.5 minutes it took for us to exit his preschool and get to our van!!! However, my sweet boy did tell me over and over how good they were....good tasting and good looking. 

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