Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party on a budget

***Update: 8/17/15*** I created this post back when it was difficult to find Frozen-themed party items, clothing, etc.  Now the stuff is everywhere!!!! I'd love to update this post with new ideas, so comment below or email me if you had a Frozen party on a budget and want to share any pics and ideas!


Mya requested a Frozen birthday party this year and I knew I had to keep it simple and fairly cheap.  I rented a shelter house at a nearby park and decided the kids could just play at the park and maybe we'd have a few games.  The Frozen theme would show up in the cake, some decorations, and the goody bags.  The entire party cost under $200 for 25 kids (including all the snacks, paper products, favors, shelter rental, everything!).

Before I get to all the party details, here is our very inexpensive version of the Elsa dress and cape!  We purchased a dress from Macy's (actually 2 dresses, but this one was Mya's fave), a turquoise sheer curtain from Big Lots ($5.00) and used glitter hair spray on the the curtain and a blue ribbon to tie it on.  (And to think I was going to drop $120 for the custom made one on Etsy!)



. Snowball fight with cotton balls and fake snowballs (Snowballs were from my Christmas decorations! I had gotten them at the Christmas Mouse store in Virginia Beach for $10. Also on Amazon.)
. Snowball Slingshot (slingshots from Dollar Tree)

1. Olaf Snowman Kit (3 sizes of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, candy eyes, orange jelly beans)
Download the bag label HERE

2. Frozen BINGO game with m&ms (I made this myself! Download here!)

3. Frozen Handsoap:
I got the soaps from Dollar Tree and ripped off the labels.  I just put a Frozen sticker on and now they look like Frozen Hand Soaps! I actually bought a few different brands of soap and found that the Softsoap brand label was the easiest to remove. The Strawberry Shortcake ones from Dollar Tree were easy too, but my Dollar Tree didn't have the quantity I needed.

4. Snowflake Hand Sanitizers (Pack of 3 for $1.00 at Dollar lucky am I that they had these in May?!!)

5. Girls: Elsa Hands with freezing power (hehehe!;)) These were simple, just snowflake rings with ribbon attached!

Mason was my model since Mya wasn't home when I took the pic:

Everything was finger foods! No forks needed!
-Cupcakes (Kroger)
-Carrots (Olaf's nose)
-Juice, Water & Soda

Mya with her Elsa hands!

I cannot believe this, but I forgot to take a picture of the cakes!!!  We had 2 cupcake cakes from with an edible pic of the Frozen character and the other was a cupcake cake number 7 to match. This was the best pic I had of the cake, oops!

Snowball fight!!!!!

Mya made a grand entrance as Elsa!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you that you kept everything so simple, but it looks so fun!

  2. This looks like alot of fun! I love how creative you got!!! THanks for the free downloads !!! I will take pics of my daughters bday and share!

    1. Hi Maira!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!! Oh, I would love to see pics of your daughter's party....hope it is great!

  3. Thank you for the free printable! You're a birthdat party life saver!