Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Frame Tray

I recently discovered the fabulous YouTube channel PinkSoFoxy.  I love it!  She has great videos on fashion, beauty and especially crafts!!!

I saw her fabulous idea to make a beautiful tray using a frame and metal ribbon. Hers turned out absolutely gorgeous! She also has a link to her blog which lists all the supplies needed and where to buy them.

Sooooo...... I attempted to make one myself! I used a picture frame instead, fabric leftover from my bookshelf project, and black beads from my daughter's bead assortment for the legs.  Here's how it turned out:

And the steps to complete it....

 First, my frame:

I traced the glass to cut the fabric:

I ripped off the frame's stand and put foam stickers on the back to cover the hooks:

Then I wrapped the metal ribbon around and attached it with thumb tacks. I need to do some more flattening of the ribbon, as you can see!!

Then I added the beads as the "feet" using my glue gun:

And here it is!!

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