Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping Trip: Disappointment turned Delight!

My most recent shopping trip to the Mall included a trip to my fave department store Macy's.  My husband and I both went with the kids, so I felt rushed as usual.  I went to the ladies departments, where are the merchandise is sorted by brand/designer and I was sooooo disappointed!!!  I had some gift cards from Christmas to use, and I needed some new tops for the winter.  One word....okay two words: Big Disappointment!!!!  Since when has the ladies department turned into the old ladies department?  No cute tops, nothing in the clearance, boring jeans (not to mention they have none in my size), so I stormed out of there to find the rest of the family (at Chick-Fil-A eating milkshakes!!).

Then it hit me.  Go back to Macy's to the JUNIORS department!!!!  Of course!!!  So on the way out, we stopped there, and wooohooooo!!!!!  I found fabulous stuff!!  I'm 34 years old, so I usually feel embarrassed shopping in that area, but the clothes are so much more fabulous!  Well, maybe the quality isn't, but they cost less, they're much more stylish, and they fit me better too!

In addition to the ladies department at Macy's, I've also been very disappointed lately with Gap, Old Navy, and even Kohl's (although they're a little better), places I used to shop at very regularly.  They're too preppy, boring, and plain Jane.  However, I'm very happy with Express, where I used to shop all the time in my early 20s.  They have kept with a stylish, age-appropriate, and even sparkly selection of items that I love!

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