Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This year, I have carried over my resolution from last get organized!!!! 2011 was the year of the purge for our family, as we renovated our basement into a fabulous play room/living room. We trashed, donated and recycled so much "stuff" that our unfinished portion of our basement is now flooded with empty bins!!!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to post pictures of the other areas in our house that I have attempted to get a handle on in terms of organizing. Jim has been a huge help, as there is no way I could do it alone!

Here is my checklist of what areas are done, in process or not even attempted. I tend to be a cluttery person, so these tasks are often overwhelming and time consuming for me. I do what I can do in the small amount of time I have!!

(Pictures will be up soon!!!)

Kids' toys
Dressup stuff
Unfinished basement:
(Done)Holiday bins
Lg items to donate
Misc stuff
Kitchen & Main level:
All the cabinets!!!
(In process)Laundry room
(Done)Coat closet
Loft/office/craft room
(Done)Linen closet
Master closet
Master bedroom

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