Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Do You Have Time to.....

...leave your house every day in FULL HAIR & MAKEUP???

As a busy, busy mom, it is sometimes extremely difficult to get it together.  By "it," I mean hair, makeup, jewelry...your total self.  But if you're like me, you won't even think about (or consider, even if paid money) leaving the house in anything less than total hair, makeup and a nicely put together outfit (well...I might cheat on that one a little depending on where I'm going!).

Let me clarify though.....I do this for one reason only....MYSELF!!  I don't put on makeup for my husband, other people, to appear something I'm not, or anything like that.  I do it for me.  I feel better about myself when I wear it, my self esteem is better, and it just makes me feel more confident.  This is not how everyone feels or should feel, but it's my own personal feeling!

So, how do I have time to do it all with a 4 year-old and a baby boy? 
1. Multi-tasking
2. Organization/Preparation
3. Chaos and Craziness

1.  Multi-tasking:  I often take my shower while the baby plays in the empty bathtub next to me.  Then, as long as he's happy, I will keep him in there while I brush my teeth, put in contacts, apply self-tanner and any other morning routines I have.

I have a makeup bag that has all the basics packed at all times that I carry around the house with me.  Lately, I put on my makeup while Mason is in his high-chair eating breakfast...or I'm feeding him breakfast since he's only 9 months and not totally self-sufficient when it comes to feeding himself.

2.  Organization/Preparation: My vanity has everything that I need in the exact place that I need it.  If Mason is taking his morning nap, I will get myself ready at my vanity where I have a drawer for makeup, a drawer for round brushes & combs, a place for hair gels & mousse & hairspray, and my deodorant and perfumes all sit right on top.  It gets sticky, messy, and dirty every time I sit down, but it's so easy to clean up since each and every thing has a place!  (I do have to Windex the glass several times a month, however!)

3.  Chaos and Craziness:  I don't get myself ready with two kids in a nice, calm, reality-tv-show manner.  I mean......come on......there's always some place where we're getting ready to go, or someone who's coming over, or the baby crying, or the 4 year-old's almost always chaos!!  But it doesn't matter...I still make time for it.  I still make time each and every day for me.  For ME!!!! 

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