Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hot Pink Swimsuit

Ok, I found this fabulous swimsuit online: http://tinyurl.com/3f2gffn on Sunday and was so excited about it.  I am leaving for vacation this weekend, so I knew the shipping would be outrageous to get it here on time (the swimsuit is sold online only), but I was relieved that I had a coupon.  Well.....I got a little busy Sunday and didn't order it, then Monday came and my coupon had expired.  Big bummer!!!

So I went to Target and settled for a pink and white polka dot bikini top that didn't have a matching bottom, to which I bought a black bottom and white "swim shorts" that would match.  I came home and tried it all on...YUCK!!  I am very flat chested, not to mention that I have a straight boyish figure and a not-so-f"AB"ulous stomach, so this was awful.  Definitely returning it.

Then today I decided to pack up the kids and go into Macy's.  I could not believe my eyes...there was the fabulous pink swimsuit.... in my size!!!!!!!  I tried it on, loved it (it has tummy control, so I felt much, much better in it!)!!!  AND...it was only $44 after my coupon!!!  The lady who checked me out explained that someone had purchased it online and returned it to the store!!!!!  God bless her!!!! 

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