Thursday, November 20, 2014

Free Printable: Daisy Thank You Certificate

We love all those guests that come to our troop meetings to speak, the churches and schools that let us hold our meetings in their buildings, the parent volunteers, etc.!!! So here is a special Thank You certificate for those special people.  The girls can sign their names in the white space.

Click on the image above.  You will be directed to Google Drive.  Hover over the arrow icon at the top and click it to download the file. The "fill-in" feature of this PDF file will not work from the "view" mode, but should work once downloaded.

(NOTE: This is my first time posting a fillable PDF...I'm not sure if it will work exactly as it should for everyone, so worst case, you will just have to print it and write in the troop number, leaders, and date.)

Other levels may be coming soon...I'll need some feedback to see how this one is working for everyone!

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