Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Girl Scouts: FREE Printable - Daisies Troop Supply Drive Cards

At the beginning of the year, we had a Troop Supply Drive where all the girls drew a card of a supply that they would bring to donate to the troop.  We called it a Troop Birthday Present!!  Here are free printable cards that you can use for your troop!  The first page has pre-filled items and the second has blank cards that you can fill in yourself.  Enjoy!!!

These documents can be downloaded above.  However, if you are having difficulty or are getting an error message, just email me and I am happy to send them! Please be specific in what your are requesting.  Allow one week.

clipart by BitsyCreations
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  1. I love your "supply drive" printable. Do you have one for the Brownie level? I couldn't seem to find one. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kara! Yes! It was not posted, but now it is!! Here you go: