Friday, January 24, 2020

Free Planner Page + New Valentines in my Shop + Coupon Code

I hope you'll enjoy this free printable planner page!  I usually rely on my iPhone calendar for my appointments and reminders and even shopping lists.  But I still use a planner every day to unload the most important things I need to get done that day.  I use the left side for my family/personal items and the right side for business. I have found it very useful to have a place to write shopping items I need throughout the week and my most important to-dos.  Some of these things don't get done in a week's time, so I just carry them over to the next week.  There is something very satisfying about crossing off tasks on actual papers versus my phone!!!

Also--please check out some of the new đŸ’—Valentines đŸ’— available in my shop!  Use code TAKE2 for $2.00 off!!!!  :) Jamie

Here is a frappuccino valentine that is an instant download!!!  Print, sign, and add a cute treat for an easy Valentine!

This version has customized cup!

My popcorn valentines were my most popular last year!  All of these options work well with both a regular size and mini size bag!

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