Thursday, May 24, 2018

Painting Our Trim WHITE!!!!

Well....we finally took the plunge!!  This is a home project that I've wanted to do since we moved into our home five years ago: paint the trim white!  Our trim and doors were an awful oak orange and I knew from the second I stepped into the house that some day we would paint everything.  We decided it was such a huge job that there was no way we could sanely do it ourselves, so we hired a wonderful team of painters.  It took three whole weeks to complete the entire house -- main level and upstairs.

My favorite room and the biggest change was the family room.  I'll be adding more photos soon to zoom in on the beautiful wainscoting.  I used BEFORE pics that were taken prior to our new floors getting installed in October of 2015 so you could really see the change!

This one is right after they finished painting, prior to finishing all the decor:

The staircase was a project in itself!  I stained the railing and steps with Java Gel Stain prior to the painters arriving.  It took one painter 14 hours just to tape off the spindles!!!!!
We also got new carpet.

I had to include a picture of the hideous light fixture that used to hang in the entryway!!!  It was awful!!!

The dining room walls still need painted and we have some touch-ups left to do, but I'm so happy with the improvement!!! 

My photography is not the greatest, and I plan to use my nice camera to capture some better pics when the lighting is nicer.  I'll also add pics of the kids' bedrooms, master bedroom, and the kitchen.

:) Jamie

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