Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Football Party on a Budget: Concession Stand Setup

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share some pictures from the Football Party we had for my son's 7th birthday over the weekend.  I took many of the Concession Stand ideas from Pinterest, purchased most of the decorations from Dollar Tree, created a couple banners, and used what we already had!  If you're planning a football party, Super Bowl party, tailgate party, etc., I hope you'll find some of these ideas useful!

Each guest had to "pay" for the concession stand items based on the "prices" above 😉. They loved it!!!!
MENU Banner - Made myself

Concession items included cotton candy, ring pops, chips, candy, soft pretzels w/cheese dip, popcorn, Gatorade, water and pizza.  My 5th grade daughter and her friends worked the stand, replenishing the food, taking "payment", making popcorn, etc.

2-Tier Wire Rack - Target Dollar Spot Spring 2017
Flags - Made myself
Football Cooler - Borrowed from my sister, but available at Walmart
I used a projector to project an image of a football field onto the wall.
CONCESSIONS banner - Made myself

My glitter football shirt - Made myself
Name tags - Made myself

I used paper cups on the chandelier (similar ones are at Dollar Tree)
Football hanging decor - Dollar Tree

Favors were Football Glasses from Dollar Tree filled with a trail mix (Lucky Charms, various flavors of Cheerios, Fruit Loops, M&Ms, Football Candy Corn, Mini York Peppermint Patties)
Label - Made myself

If you are interested in purchasing the printable items shown above (favor labels, name tags, banners, flags, etc.), please contact me in my Etsy shop for pricing!

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  1. Wow. I have to say that you are so creative. The chandelier looks amazing and all the decorations are on point. Superb job.